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Nassim Azarzar, Akerkour, 2021, Intervention on the road with lime / Digital print

Exchange Residency

Residency programme

The Exchange residency for international artists welcomes six residents per year for a period of three months. In addition to a studio in the monastery and a monthly work grant, they also have a bedroom in the residency. The house, in this way, is really lived in, where local and international artists share common spaces, creating a dynamic interaction between their experiences, ideas and contacts.

MORPHO relies on a network of trusted partners for its international programme. Due to this external funding and the small scale of our residency, we don't organise a general open call. In 2023 we have two open calls for artists based in the Basque Country and Turkey coming up. Keep an eye out for our newsletter and social media for future opportunities tied to certain countries and regions.


  • Noa Verkeyn

  • Julia E. Dyck

  • Younes Zarhoni

  • Emma Joly

  • Shelter of Trust

  • Nassim Azarzar

  • Jakub Hájek & František Hanousek

  • Qeu Meparishvili

  • Coraline Guilbeau

  • Nihan Somay

  • Gala Knörr

  • Elif Satanaya Özbay

  • Vasiliki Stasinaki

  • Cleo Fariselli

  • Antonina Baever

  • Oleksandr Sirous

  • Theresa Büchner

  • Irina Jasnowski Pascual

  • Hatice Pinarbasi

  • Zinaïda Tchelidze

  • Cléo Totti

  • Zoë Field

  • Aurélie Bayad

  • Jakub Hošek