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Shelter of Trust, Presented at: Lullaby For The Parched 'n Shattered, A.M.180 Gallery, Prague
Shelter of Trust IV, Presented at: Jedna Dva Tři Gallery, Prague
Shelter of Trust, Presented at: AVU PopUp Gallery, Prague
Shelter of Trust I, 2020, Presented at: 427gallery with Tik Artist in Residency, Riga, Latvia, Image: Līga Spunde
Shelter of Trust II, 2020-21, Session of new language, Porto, Portugal
Shelter of Trust II, 2020-21, Session of new language, Porto, Portugal


Shelter of Trust


Shelter of Trust is an open artistic platform founded in 2020. Drawing inspiration from black metal culture, it embraces both its visual aspects and language, deconstructed into a guttural expression. The central theme of the group is trust—members of this not-so-fictional community search in vain for trust in the alienated world of official documents. Whether they succeed in creating a different, safer, and more trusting reality for themselves, each other, or those seeking shelter remains a question.

Shelter of Trust bases its new culture on the principles of the manifesto Growling as a Form of Language (2019). In collaboration with the artists they attract, Shelter of Trust organizes collaborative exhibitions and performances, and participation in residency or educational programs. They work primarily in the areas of performance, music/sound and visual art or a combination of these. At MORPHO, Shelter of Trust is represented by Ondřej Doskočil. Ondřej is a visual artist and musician based in Prague who co-founded the platform together with artist Klára Švandová in 2020. He worked as a coordinator for the AiR program at Petrohradská kolektiv in 2023.

Shelter of Trust have exhibited internationally, including solo exhibitions at TiK Cold Space and 427 Gallery in Riga (2020), De Liceiras18 in Porto (2020), Tsaldari in Athens (2022), Petrohradská kolektiv, Prague (2022), Zázrak Dornych, Brno (2023). Their work has been included in numerous group shows, including Jednadvatři Gallery, Prague (2021), Altes Finanzamt, Berlin (2022) and A.M.180 Gallery, Prague (2023).


01.02.2024 - 30.06.2024


Exchange (Incoming)


MeetFactory, Prague