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Jsuis ni de chez moi ni de chez vous, PNL - Au DD, model for a theater or a movie set or something else, 52x36x51 cm, 2024
The Parachutist, Oil and acrylic, 92x65cm, 2023
Untitled, Acrylic and oil on canvas, 130x89cm, 2023
Spared Parts Inventory, 3d animations, 2022-ongoing
Akerkour, Intervention on the road with lime / Digital print, 2021
Abdelmounaim, Digital print, 76x52cm, 2020
Happy End, Installation of 300 rotative fake flowers, 2020, Image: Inès Bouallou
Pièces détachées, Presented at: Appartement 22, Rabat, Morocco, 2022
Récits, Coloured pencil on paper, 210x297 mm, 2019-ongoing
Blow-up n°6, Digital print, 78x98cm, 2018


Nassim Azarzar


Nassim Azarzar (1989, France) is an artist who researches visual and popular imaginaries within the Moroccan context, exploring their varied forms, occurrences, and representation tools. He has been developing a project titled Bonne route, focusing on the decorative practices of trucks transporting goods across Moroccan cities. This research has led to the creation of his own visual language, reflecting the complexity of defining his identity as a person born in France to Moroccan parents.

Nassim’s aesthetic exploration revolves around decorative arts, painting, drawing, sculpture, graphic design, and experimental cinema. For his residency at MORPHO, Nassim will be researching ways of using his visual language as a stage or space for diasporic experiences and narratives. He will also pursue experiments with colours and develop a photographic series of models and paper planes.

Nassim is part of QANAT, a collective of artists and researchers exploring water in its political and poetic dimensions since 2019. He also co-founded Atelier Superplus, Think Tanger and Atelier Kissaria. His work has been exhibited at the documenta 15, ZKM | Center for Art and Media (Karlsruhe), at 18 Derb el Ferrane and Malhoun art space (both Marrakech) and at Mahal Art Space (Tangier).


01.02.2024 - 30.04.2024


Exchange (Incoming)


The Mothership, Tangier