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Jakub Hošek


Jakub Hošek is an artist based in Prague. Subcultures and their disruptive character are the inspiration for Hošek’s work. Where traditional painting is characterized as an expression of the artist himself, Hošek interchanges this characteristic with his own impersonal approach in which he uses carved stencils as a medium. Hošek creates his own shapes that are uncommon in traditional painting. Apart from that, drawing is also an important part of Hošek’s work, the result refers to an existing painting or object. The images that Hošek creates don’t refer to an existing world, but a reinvented one that exists on its own.

Jakub Hošek (1979, Prague, Czech Republic) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. His works were shown in the following exhibitions (a selection): Wasting Around: Traditions In Verses collaborative project w/ Adrian Altman, Jakub Hájek & František Hanousek curated by Nik Timková, Bistro 21, Leipzig, 2020; Space Opera, Crum Heaven, Stockholm, 2019; Loser Unit, IKEA showroom, Perth, 2018; Don’t Dance It Down Boys w/ Maria Jeschke, Anja Langer, Clovis XV., Brussels, 2017; Remember Early Humans w/ Paul Barsch, Tilman Hornig, Norman Orro, Karlin Studios/ Futura, Prague, 2017.


01.01.2020 — 30.06.2020 (Antwerp)
01.04.2021 — 30.06.2021 (Prague)




Air Antwerpen and MeetFactory, Prague