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Residency programme

STRT Kit was a development programme for young emerging artists based in Belgium. Five artists were selected annually through an open call. The programme provided collective work spaces, a research week abroad, an (inter)national visitor's programme, a group exhibition at Kunsthal Extra City, a profile in H ART magazine and a publication. The programme ran for six years, from 2015 to 2020, and was succeeded by the MORPHO development residency.


  • Tom Hallet

  • Julia Dahee Hong

  • Joud Toamah

  • Che Go Eun

  • Béla Juttner

  • Valentin Cernat

  • Pierre Coric

  • Maxim Ryckaerts

  • Lola Daels

  • Eva Van Tongeren

  • Puck Vonk

  • Jeroen Bocken

  • Chloë Delanghe

  • Céline Mathieu

  • Ans Mertens

  • Kitty Kamp

  • Mathieu Verhaeghe

  • Karen Moser

  • Polien Boons

  • Amber Vanluffelen

  • mountaincutters

  • Maika Garnica

  • Jim Campers

  • Ode de Kort

  • Timo van Grinsven

  • Karolien Chromiak

  • Jane Coppin

  • Elise Eeraerts

  • Daan Gielis

  • Lore Van Roelen