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Research Residency

Residency programme

The research residency welcomes not only artists, but also curators, writers, lawyers and other art-oriented researchers for a period of two months. Depending on their interests and areas of expertise, the residents are invited to set up a supportive dialogue and interaction with the resident artists, the thematic programme and/or the internal functioning of the organisation. For this purpose, a project budget is provided for each resident.

Some research residents are invited to develop a specific project with the residents during their stay, others are invited to share their research in the form of open sessions, such as a pop-up consultancy with expertise in artist contracts, safe spaces, or medium-specific production, where artists can come for a consultation. For this purpose, the office space on the street side of the residency building will be made available to them.

The research residents are selected through open call and in consultation with partner organisations.


  • Dušica Dražić and doplgenger

  • Bo Wielders

  • Marianne Vierø

  • Sophie Thun

  • Pia Louwerens

  • Spiros Hadjidjanos

  • Xavier James Frederick

  • Eleanor Ivory Weber

  • Sina Seifee

  • Vijai Maia Patchineelam

  • Viktorija Rybakova

  • Alexandra Tryanova

  • Shirana Shahbazi

  • Yann Chateigné Tytelman

  • Clare Strand

  • Ilan Manouach

  • Pierre Antoine Vettorello

  • Laurens Otto

  • Anna Housiada

  • Guy Woueté