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Anne Kluytenaar & Michelle Woods


Anne Kluytenaar and Michelle Woods propose to operate a small test-kitchen at MORPHO, which will serve as the perfect playground to research and ultimately stage intimate, curated dinners that consider all elements of the dining experience as potential for artistic intervention.

Anne Kluytenaar, schooled fashion designer, has been working on the research project ‘Catharsis’. In it, her autobiographical background serves to create a space and experience in which conversations about gender, sexuality, self-image, and censorship are stimulated in an intimate setting. With this project she invites us to map, bridge, and alleviate the gap in our views on personal boundaries. Interdisciplinary collaborations are an essential part of her working method, which revolves around knowledge exchange on multiple levels.

Michelle Woods is a cook and co-founder of Table Dance, a restaurant and event space in Antwerp. She studied at the Antwerp Fashion Academy after moving to Antwerp in 2006. Since, she has experimented in fashion, art performance, food history, and research, and now she looks to bring these ingredients together. She holds close to her heart two years of cooking experience at St. JOHN Smithfield in London, a restaurant that earned a Michelin star, not for careful presentations or keeping bees on the roof, but for a strong belief in ‘nose to tail’ eating. She was never able to take her father to St. JOHN, although their respective cooking styles were similar. Where cooking for her father was about entertaining and feeling satiated, she found herself looking for new ways of experiencing food.


01.04.2021 - 31.08.2021