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Wild Card

Residency programme

Every year, MORPHO visits the master exhibitions of visual artists graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and Sint Lucas Antwerp. We invite a jury of artists and curators, whose eyes we look through, to closely consider all the presented works and select an artist that could especially benefit from further development in our residency. The artist awarded with this Wild Card receives artistic guidance, financial support, and a studio space in the monastery during three months.

Before 2020, the Wild Card residency was known as the STRT Schot prize.


  • Paul Müller

  • Jeannette Slütter

  • Daniel Cabral

  • Anna Godzina

  • Miguel Angel Montoya

  • Elias Cafmeyer

  • Stef Van Looveren

  • Darcey Bennett

  • Vedran Kopljar