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triangle, architectural intervention & sculpture, Antwerp, 2022
Deepforest, wearable objects, 2019
Water Feature, interactive site-specific installation, 2021
Beneath Common Ground, site-specific action, video, 2019/2022


Paul Müller


Paul Müller investigates connections, relations, and dependencies between humans and non-human actors of different scales. His work explores how we can communicate and interchange with animals, plants, landscapes, buildings, or institutions. Adopting a variety of methods, these explorations take the shape of sculptures, site-specific installations, videos, storytelling or other non-material interventions. During his residency, Paul is putting on the hat of a cartographer, drawing a detailed map of the institutional landscape that makes up the art world of Flanders and Brussels. Furthermore, he is developing a toolkit for museum gift shops intended for those who are interested in analysing the conditions of the institutions they are visiting.

Paul Müller (1999, Frankfurt) is a German artist living in Antwerp. After studying in Offenbach and London, he obtained a Master's degree at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.


1.10.2022 - 31.12.2022


Wild Card