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Peer Production


Peer Production is a publication conceived as a forum for exchange by artists Valentin Cernat, Pierre Coric, Lola Daels, Maxim Ryckaerts and Eva van Tongeren. This book is published following the one-year STRT Kit development program in 2019. They each invited one or more contributors to respond to a specific topic, image or body of work—a process which revealed more about their respective practices than the original premise of mutual appreciation suggested.

Valentin Cernat commissioned artists Bogdan Andrei Bordeianu, Michela Dal Brollo, Nico Dockx, Heide Hinrichs, JDH, Lina Laraki, Peter Lemmens, Ersi Varveri, Gijs Waterschoot and curator Fadwa Naamna to reflect on the subjects of distance, work, reason and belonging. Pierre Coric initiated a mail exchange with art historian Cornelia Lauf, whose essay connects his explorations into science and textile to a network of peers and predecessors. Lola Daels asked artist Sine Van Menxel to interpret a series of soapstones, resulting in photograms that mirror her working method by turning the sculptures’ positive volume into a negative void. Maxim Ryckaerts proposed to curator Staci Bu Shea, artists Benjamin Verdonck and Guy Woueté and philosopher Volkmar Mühleis to consider a found object from his personal archive. Eva Van Tongeren engaged in a correspondence with art critic Pieter Van Bogaert about her films and what takes place out of the picture.

The publication was launched on January 31st, 2021. Every visitor to the launch will receive a free copy of the publication.



Published by



Caroline Dumalin

Copy editor

Allon Kaye


Sis Matthé

Graphic design

Julie Peeters

Printed by

Benedict Press, Münsterschwarzach