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Younes Zarhoni, Image: Aurélie Bayad
Emma Joly, Image: Aurélie Bayad
Julia E. Dyck, Image: Aurélie Bayad
Noa Verkeyn, Image: Aurélie Bayad


Outgoing residents 2024


Thanks to successful fundraising and fantastic partners, MORPHO is organising four international residencies for artists from Flanders/Brussels this year, as part of an exchange with trusted residency programmes in Morocco, the Czech Republic and the Basque Country.

The selected artists that will be sent out, are:

  • Emma JolyThe Mothership, Tangier ‣ May-June 2024
  • Younes ZarhoniThe Mothership, Tangier ‣ May-June 2024
  • Julia E. DyckMeetFactory, Prague ‣ August-September 2024
  • Noa VerkeynTabakalera, Donostia/San Sebastián ‣ October-December 2024

Click their artist pages on the right for more info.