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Dogs die love doesn’t, Business card
Dogs die love doesn’t, Installation view of Ceremony of Eternal Bonding at Forbidden city, Image: Tatjana Henderieckx
Gentle Bite Long Lasting Pain, Advertising for TIM Magazine, 2020
Deep Pleasure Pool Club, AR showroom, pool 2
Deep Pleasure Pool Club, Installation view of Dear art world, Lichtekooi, Image: Sine Van Menxel


Yemo Park


Yemo Park is a Korean visual artist whose work revolves around creating fictitious companies. She studied Sculpture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and Videography at Ecole de Recherche Graphique, Brussels.

Through her enterprises, Yemo questions how artists establish their financial autonomy and the role of an artist in social contexts. The new systems of economy she creates also propose a new market, in between the existing art market and the relevant industry sector her business invests in. Her ongoing fictional businesses include the creation of memorial statues for dead dogs, portable self-defence sculptures for women, and the design and construction of artistic swimming pools.

During her residency, Yemo will develop a start-up teapot company that aims to invest its profit into lobbying for a Universal Basic Income for artists and will also create a short narrative film detailing this process. She is taking acting classes to prepare for the role.


01.02.2023 - 30.06.2023